Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fourth Race Weekend in a Row...I'm cooked.

For my October race, I picked my school's homecoming race. (Oh we had lots of fun this week...Retro day, and Jersey Day, a pep rally and the teachers 'flash dance' during it)

 Check out my awesome dance moves!  We're so cool.

 I even ran a warm up run for the first time ever.  I chuckled at the thought that a few years ago I scoffed at running a warm up.  Why would I run any extra!?!  Hahahha

At the starting line, I sized up the crowd.  I've never really been like that before, but being that I have placed both other times I've run this race (the first time winning a sweet lunch pail, the second a string backpack that I didn't stick around to claim because my ride was leaving.  Boo.) I knew I had a pretty good shot of a three-peat.  Except....except that all my small races are getting bigger.  If I didn't podium today, it wouldn't be the first time this year that my time, although exceptional for me, wouldn't cut it even though in years past would have guaranteed me a spot.  Running is just so darn popular now!  The odds were with me today though, with the drizzly skies, temps in the 40s and a field of high school sports teams.  I took off quickly, hoping to get in front of the slower runners before we hit the footbridge which is only one person wide, and all the mud puddles (all places where I have been shuffled back in the pack before).  I also wanted to run the first mile as hard as I could, knowing that in the middle was a killer hill covered in wet leaves.  It's slippery in dry conditions and I was worried I might have to walk down the hill to save myself from falling.

I ended up crossing the finish in 26.58, which was not my best time, but still a good 3 minutes faster than my best on this course.  We (my MIL and I) stuck around for awards, where she gathered a first place in her age group (she was the only runner in the group, but no matter, she finished seconds behind me...the first time I've ever come in ahead of her in a race).  They work from the high age groups down, from third to first place, so there's plenty of suspense!  The finally I heard it:  First Place!  And my name!  In the same sentence!  I won a sweet flashlight (which I was mocking, before I had one of my very own.  Now it's the bestest flashlight in the entire universe.  True story.)

It's time to lay off the racing for a bit, I had fun today, but mostly because of the win, not so much because of the race.  I need to pick a November race, and I'm leaning towards a turkey trot of some type if I can find one close enough.  I did find a fun looking December race, the first weekend of the month up in the Adirondacks, themed around a whole Christmas weekend.  I'm thinking peppermint candy costume...or something elfin?  I'll have to convince DH it's worth the trip up...maybe we can make a family weekend out of it?!  There's even a pancake breakfast with Santa! 

This week:  2.8 with my WRF, and 3.1 today (plus a warm up, but not sure how long), and 13.1 last Sunday
October:  5.9

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