Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ridiculously exciting run report...not!

I laid off this week (not that I had been really doing that much running anyway...) and ran just a couple of times after work with my WRF, and then a short run last night.  I am kind of directionless at the moment, and not feeling too much like getting my run on, but once I'm out there I always glad I went.  It seems weird to not be training for a race.  Wait, wait, Jess...didn't you say you were going to do that Own It 5K training plan?  Why yes, yes I did...but I loaned my book to a coworker I couldn't resist...she's been a 'non-runner' in the way I was running but still was a 'non-runner' for years, and has finally 'come of out of the closet' and declared, I am a runner!  I want to improve!  I am going to train ON PURPOSE for something after she shaved 5 minutes off her 5K time from the same race she did a year ago.  I went all "Run Like a Mother" on her and forced my book at her.  She was super excited...but I didn't think before handing it over, that I really wanted the copy for myself.  I really should have at least hit the photocopy machine before I handed it over.  Not that I have an actual 5K in mind to train for...that December one I talked about looks promising, except that I will be disappointed if I put in the time and it ends up being icy or something.  I might give up and buy an extra copy of Train Like a Mother on my Kindle so I am never with out it.  That seems like a reasonable expense, doesn't it?

Ok...I borrowed the picture from amazon...and gave into the urge to buy the kindle version (only 8$ can that be wrong?)  I also tried to link the picture to the book...hope it worked!  I <3 this book!

This week:  2.8 + 2.2 + 3.5 = 8.5
October: 13.4

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  1. Thanks for the comment! I'm still trying to find my way around how to subscribe to the different types of blogs so I hope I've done this right!

    Anyway, I read back to your 2nd half marathon - congrats! I'm getting kinda addicted to this racing thing!