Friday, October 26, 2012

Leaving a friend in the dust...feeling bad

So I've mentioned several time over the past three years at work that I would love people to join me on my after work run.  I change right at release time and scurry to the parking lot to throw my bags in my car and I just take off.  I have about 25 minutes before I have to be back to my car to go pick up my kids at the sitters and, depending on the day, my mood and my ability to actually get out the door right on time, I can get between a mile and three in.  It's a good deal to keep my base, and because I've been doing it (albeit on and off) for three years it's pretty much a habit and I don't have to think much about it, I just go.

Yesterday a new friend joined me and my WRF (I've had several WRFs- work running friends but the WRF I refer to in all my posts is the one that's been with me for about a year steadily).  I was super excited that someone new was joining us.  She's been running 3-5 miles on her own.  So we took off and I realized shortly that we were pushing her a little hard.  Then she walked a bit.  We walked a bit.  She started again, we kept a slower pace.  I am not at all cranky about this, as sometimes my WRF is a speed demon.  As we headed into our small park loop we realized we lost her back a bit, so we slowed and we go back for her?  (I CAN NOT STAND when I run with someone one and they loop back for me- insult to injury I say)  We caught sight of her and turned...she waved us on and said she was fine.  So we kept going.  As we completed the little park loop I checked my watch and OMG I realized that I was going to be late picking up my kids.  I had a quick conversation with WRF to figure out what to do (We SHOULD have skipped the little loop and made sure our new WRF was with us) and I realized I had to hit the gas to make it back to my car.  And she had waved us on.  So we went with it.

And now I feel terrible.  I am thinking that I should have looped back to tell her I had to sprint to the car and I was super sorry...or I should have made WRF go back for her (even though I really really would have hated that if it were me bringing up the rear) or....or....I just don't know.  Because now that I am home and not running, I'm thinking I would be pretty pissed that two people who have been encouraging me to run with them, would just leave me in the dust.  It wouldn't have been so bad, but when we got back to the parking lot, we didn't see her in...we're not sure if she went back the way we came or if she followed us through town.  I'm ashamed.

I tried to find her on facebook, but it seems she might be a hold out on that front.  I am going to track her down first thing this morning to explain about having to get my kids and I will promise her that if she will give us another chance we will totally hang with her.  I hope I didn't discourage her, and I feel like I should have known better.

Sigh.  I'll get it right next time.  I promise!

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  1. aw this is a HARD situation! Please don't feel too bad and guilty over things.
    I hope you get to talk to her and explain things more.

    I'd like to think she'd understand though.

    I hope she still goes out on runs with you ladies!