Sunday, November 4, 2012

Totally don't have the hang of blogging from my phone!

I downloaded the blogger app on my phone last week, and totally thought I was posting quirky little mini-posts all week...but, nope!  All my thumb-text-typing was for naught, because it is nowhere to be found.  Oh well.  It wasn't that exciting of a week anyway.  I'll give it to you in an nut shell: (FYI: I usually have a really big nutshell...I have never been good at summarzing briefly.  Sorry!)

I talked to our new WRF, and she told me that we should in no way feel bad, she always walks a bit after each mile (and around the one mile mark was when she walked a little, now that I think about it) and she figured she would get left behind anyway, and she feels the same way about being looped back around for as I do.  (phew!)  She didn't join us this week, but the weather was pretty crappy (remnants of Sandy) and her schedule was full.  Hopefully soon!

I finished out last week by going solo on Friday afternoon, thinking I would do an easy 2.5 mile loop through town, but then I chose to run hills instead.  I don't know what possessed me, but I ran 6 hill repeats and managed to do my last two faster than my first.  I felt like a rock star! A sweaty mess of a rock star, but awesome nonetheless!

I ran not a single step last weekend, although I feel now like I should have, but I did 5 days in a row after work, and still am currently with out training plan, so it felt right at the time. 

Monday many schools in our area closed early (some deciding the day before even) due to Hurricane Sandy.  My school was a hold out until aorund 9:00, then we got word we were being dismissed at noon, thus allowing both bus runs (the elementary schools would dismiss at 1) to be done before the predicted high winds came through.  It was dark and creepy out all morning, with wind gusts beginning, but after I ate lunch once the kids were dismissed (I take a lunch duty during my lunch, and it's hard to eat while patrolling the cafeteria for misbehaviors so I usually eat during my planning period right before the end of the day, which was cancelled due to early dismissal) I thought I would hang in my classroom and get some paperwork done; it's the end of the marking period almost, and I am terrible about staying on top of the necessary paperwork.  I got it all set up, and immediately felt figity.  Our principal gave us all permission to go home once the busses were underway, and I could tell I was one of the only ones left in the building.  I heard "Don't think, just go" in my head and as soon as I changed into my running clothes I knew I made the right decision.  I had that "One Last Run" feeling coursing through me as I headed out the door.  No one knew how bad this storm was going to be and what if this was my one chance for the week to get out there? What if we lost power and I couldn't even use my treadmill?  What if power lines came down and it was too dangerous to go for a run?  So I went, and I loved every minute of it!  I did the big park loop, and the outer town loop and estimate I did about 5 miles before getting to my car.  I saw lots of people out walking their dogs and a couple other runners, all of whom called out greetings through the whipping wind along the lines of "How could you NOT be out here right now?" and "One last good run!" 

The big storm never really hit here....some winds and a little rain where I live.  Other parts of our community were not as lucky, with trees and power lines down and some localized flooding, but nothing like I was preparing for.  Also happy to report my brother in nyc, though without power for a number of days, and flooding just a block or two from his apartment, is fine.  This week I will be running the virtual race  which is raising money for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, not just in NYC but in Jersey as well (throught the American Red Cross).  I want to do more than the 5K but I don't think I have time all at once, and since it's a virtual race, I think I'm not unjustified in breaking it into chunks.  I think I'm going to register for the half marathon and add a few runs together to make it.  I haven't been keeping my milage up, or I would do the marathon.  Although...maybe I can.  I'll tell you what I end up doing!

I only ran Friday of this past week after that one good run on Monday.  I had my stuff most days, but meetings and end of term paperwork got in my way.  I also stocked my running bag with indoor work out apparel, and a couple Jillian Michaels DVDs.  I used to work out with a friend at work, in our classrooms after the kids go home, and when the weather turns and it's darker earlier, sometimes it's more practical to get our sweat on without going anywhere.  I also know that once I get my kids, there's very little chance I'll actually get a work out in.  (That's also the reason I used to exercise in the morning after the husband left for work, but before the kids got up...somehow I got out of that that's going to have to become a priority).

My older son had a friend over for the weekened,and my younger son went to a friend's house, so I haven't gotten out.  I should have gone this morning, but stayed in bed because everyone was still asleep and the bed was warm....only to find out that the husband had made hunting plans for the day (from 10:00 on...) so unless I hit the treadmill....looks like no run for me today either.  Oh well.  With the virtual run, I will map out a good plan for the week and get going.


  1. I was completely wondering about your co-worker. I'm glad it's all OK and no one is offended!

    What a GREAT Friday run with hills, amazing!
    Happy to hear that your area is O.K. after all the Sandy stuff.

    Also, I am SO glad to hear your brother is OK. I wouldn't know what to do with myself going 3 days without hearing from him!
    Thanks for the shoe recommendation. I need to get SOMETHING looked at because I just don't think it's right I'm getting all these niggling situations and injuries!

    1. Good luck with your shoes, the problem is...once you go 'officially running-shoe shopping' you want to buy running shoes all the time. (Mostly cause you fork over so much at the running become obsessed with finding the same shoes for a better deal so you can 'stock up'...or maybe that's just me)

  2. I just stumbled on your blog, it's very easy to read! Keep on a runnin'!