Friday, December 28, 2012

2013 Goal #1

I'm still not sure about what my 2013 goals will be running wise yet, but what ever I pick, I realize that I can make them happen if I am consistent in thinking about them and persuing them.  I like to read a lot of blogs, and spent the past few mornings searching out 2012 wrap-up entries and realizing that I should expand my ideas of goal setting to include some other areas of my life. 

Goal #1:  Keep a handle on my eating. 

If I am eating well, I feel good.  If I eat junk, I feel bad.  Duh.  Besides feeling bad, eating poorly also causes my pants to not fit properly (and my underwear...which truth be told bothers me more...tight undies causes me to suffer from 4-cheek syndrome.  You know.  Where the panty line cuts my rear-end into four butt-cheeks instead of two.  Classy.) and my skin to look like I'm 14 again.  And causes me to bring out the control top panty hose instead of cute tights with my dresses to control mommy-tummy (yep, I still blame my kids for that, not the food.  So wrong).  To kick this off, I'm joining runwithjess's Diet Bet
I'm hoping this works in the same way that when I challenged myself to run a race a month and register ahead of time I actually do it.  I forked over $10 to join this, and I don't want to lose that money.  It's not a lot...but HEY!  It's mine!  We've had weight loss competitions at work before, and each  time I hit my goal, or very close.  The problem:  I've hit my goal each time.  As in...once it's over my bad eating habits creep back in.  Usually this time of year.  It's not as bad this year, since I've had my year of running, but this month has been not so good for me on the running front (as I sit here typing and drinking coffee instead of hitting the treadmill...I will when I'm done.  I swear!  I have my virtual 5K to complete!) so my clothes are feeling it.
Do you have any goals set yet?  Do you do the goal-setting New Year's thing?


  1. bahahahhaha 4-cheek syndrome. Oh My, I knew EXACTLY what you meant , just never heard it phrased so beautifully before!

    I also end up breaking out pretty badly on my face if I eat too much junk. I know this - time to learn from it and stop it!!

    My only fitness goal would be to run a marathon. I did very specific New Year's goals 2 years ago, and really kept up with them. Last year, I didn't have much. I might think of something more specific for 2013 though!

  2. Hahha I usually call it 4-a$$ cheek syndrome but thought maybe I should make it sound nicer. The run your A$$ off challenge seemed to fit and be just what I need at the moment!

    I can't wait to read about everyone marathon training! A bunch of the bloggers I read are training this year for one. I have a feeling that will be my goal in a few years, but I can't fathom having enough time to train for one. And honestly... I have no desire to run that far. yet. I remember when I thought 5K was too far to run. so who knows?!

  3. You gotta set your goals almost absurdly high is what I have found. The key is that you will work insanely hard to achieve them, so even if you fail, you still win! I like how you make yourself financially accountable with your challenge, but take it a step bigger and sign up for a race that would make you nervous to finish. For example, I am already signed up for a marathon in May, but I will do everything in my power to make sure I am not wasting that $75. I can almost guarantee that I won't just finish, but I will exceed my expectations. You can do more than you think you can.

    1. True true....that's how I ended up running two half marathons in October! Rest assured, my other goals will end up being more substatial :) Not quite like your very admirable 'impossible list'!!!