Saturday, December 8, 2012

Trying to not be grouchy this weekend

Sad to say that I just didn't make it to the holiday 5K last weekend.  Turns out the husband had plans to go hunting with out of town friends that he set up with out mentioning it to me...and completely couldn't recall having the conversation about us going up north to the Christmas village-run thing.  I specifically recall mentioning that instead of waiting around for me to run, he could take the kiddos to breakfast with Santa and come back and get me and we could visit all the fun little shops up there before heading home.  Turns out you can't have a conversation with a man who has ESPN on at the same time he's doing his crossword puzzle.  Even though he seemed completely coherent while I talked with him (yep, WITH in he asked relevant questions and made appropriate comments and everything!  I totally thought he was paying attention!) turns out he didn't remember me mentioning a thing.  I asked around, but all my babysitting options had plans, so the race was a no-go for me.  I probably could have set something up sooner if I had realized he didn't know what was going on, but when I found out on Thursday night, it was really too late.

I consoled myself by planning my runs for the week, and I spent the morning playing Suzie homemaker in the kitchen all weekend, and I hit the treadmill for a bit.  I totally have to get my DVD player set up down there.  I can't take looking out the window at my car tires in the driveway anymore!
Monday's run...cold and short...but much needed!
This week started out awesome...I had a chilly run on Monday, and it was pretty short, but I got it in and that's what counts.  (I ran solo, and almost talked myself out of it, since I have so much school work to take care of, but as soon as my feet started flying I knew I made the right decision.) 

Tuesday it was almost 60 degrees when I got out of work.  I was running late in the morning and almost forgot my workout bag, and am so glad I didn't.  Although I did forget to pack my sports bra.  Luckily, I'm barely non-existent on top and mostly wear one so I don't ruin a regular bra, and for modesty purposes.  I had my Spanish class that night, so I didn't want to run in my regular bra...and I remembered a fun little post I read a month or so back about how one woman who forgot her bra used her headband instead.  I didn't use my headband (I HAVE to run with it in my hair!) but I have that neck gaiter I wear when it's cold, and it was still in my bag.  I used it Survivor-Style (like those team buffs they wear on the show!) and it worked.  Tah-dah!  I took a picture, know...since I wear the sports bras for modesty...nothing too modest about a picture of my chest!  I won't share it!
Picture after Monday's cold run, but see that neck gaiter?  It was awesome as my bra in a pinch!  And a little stylish!
My happy-face for the awesome 60 degree run with my friend from work!  So warm!  In December! We ran the whole park loop and around town...around 4 miles!

Unfortunately, after that run, I crapped out for the week.  I'm drowning in paperwork at school and next week I need to miss work for a few mornings and a day so I had to get prepared for all of that.  Also, it got cold again.  So tough to get out there (even after the snow run that I did that was FUN!) after a gorgeous 60 degree day in December. 

I was looking forward to my race this weekend.  I've always (well, not ALWAYS...I wanted to run it last year..until then I hadn't heard of it, nor would I have cared much since my running was sporadic) wanted to run this's in Seneca Falls, NY and is during the "It's a Wonderful Life" festival they have there, since the town and its bridge were the inspiration for the setting of the movie.  I've never seen the whole movie, so I won't pretend I love it, but I love the idea of a dusk run this time of year on a route filled with Christmas lights.  And I still need a December run...and winter runs are few and far between up here...and I'm worried about not getting a December one in. 

Hunting strikes again.  I thought hunting season was over, but apparently if you drive a little south you're in a different zone and this is the husband's last chance to go.  And he made plans.  And didn't tell me.  Again.  I thought, no problem, since he could go in the morning and be home in time for us to drive down, I can run and we can spend the night in wine country and hit the wineries and the outlet mall before we come home.  He was not psyched about the idea, and basically said NO.   Also, he left the house at 5:30 this morning, and I woke up to the dog snoring next to me after I finally got back to sleep.
Okay...well my flash woke her up after this we're even.  And I guess she's so cute I can't stay mad at her for long.  But my sheets were freshly changed yesterday, so now they're full of her dog hair.

 So I'm sitting here, grouchy.  The house is a disaster, the kids are fighting.  I feel stir crazy, but can't bring myself to get it together to leave the house.

Sounds like a run is in order, right?  I guess I will see if I can find the portable DVD player and get her set up for a fun basement run.  And I will see if I can find something ANYTHING local I can run to get my December one to count.  And I think I will peruse Spring half marathons.  I need something bigger to motivate me.  I think I've eaten 10 of these sugar cookies this morning in my crankiness.  Whoops.

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