Sunday, December 23, 2012

Goal Setting

Finishers swag for my second half marathon (The race that put my goal setting in motion earlier this year.)  How did I never post this?!
I set a goal for myself last year to run at least one race or event each month during the year.  I didn't start until March, though, so after I run my virtual 5K this week I will be tacking on two more in the new year to make my goal. In the process, I ran my first 10K, then PR'd my next 10K by 10 minutes 6 months later.  I PR'd my 5K by a whopping 4 and a half minutes.  I completed my first half marathon, then my second two weeks later.   I started last year doing yet another round of Biggest Loser at work.  That's the third time I participated, and each time I've dropped ten or more pounds (the first time 4 years ago, I lost 18).  That sounds great, but it's the same ten pounds that I lose each time.  I'm fairly happy with my weight this time, and won't be joining if they have the competition at work again.  I am a few pounds heavier than  I would like to be, but I know that I have kept most of my padding at bay by continuing to run at least a few times a week.  (Funny how that works, right?)

I am looking for a new goal for the new year.  I don't think I want to do the one race a month thing again, because it's kind of expensive...and I get stressed out when I can't find one.  I also have done 4 virtual races this year.  Three because I couldn't find anything else to run, and one to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  (and that one I got a DNF...I did run the whole thing, but I didnt' finish before the deadline.  Oh well.)

I *think* I want to do a spring half marathon and one in the fall again.  But that doesn't seem like much of a goal.  I'm not wanting to do a full marathon yet.  I can't fathom having enough time to do a four hour long run, ever. 

So...maybe a mileage goal?  Something slightly lofty, but attainable if I work hard?  (I didn't start tracking miles until I officially started half marathon training in July, and I quit tracking miles after that race for some reason.)  A destination race?  A time goal?  Take swimming lessons and buy a bike and fulfill my Iron Girl dream?  I'm just not sure!

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