Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Here's how I looked at the end of today's run:

This kind of sums up my day...but it would have been much worse if I hadn't gotten that run in.  The students are WILD since we only have a two day week.  So today was the unorganized mess that Monday usually is, combined with the Thursday crazies.  I needed my after work run. 

Then we had our staff meeting...which ran over.  So I turned to my WRF and sadly told her I just didn't have time to change and go.  Not totally true.  I could have changed, but then the only running I would have time for was to my car.  Which was pretty far, since I was running late this morning and had to park at the parking lot at the bottom of the hill.  Which made me late for homerooom...etc, etc.

I picked up the kidlets, where T promptly burst into tears because I gave him the wrong lunch pail.  (No, not the wrong lunch...just the wrong lunch pail)  We got new ones from a zulily deal, those ones with the ice packs built in.  They're pretty nifty, and I wish I had gotten on for me and the husband as well, but I just got one for each of the boys.  Well, I was in a hurry, and I grabbed the wrong one for his lunch (A bought his lunch). 

The Offending Pack It
Obviously T was over tired from a long crazy day at school, because he's usually pretty easy going.  But we have been having tantrum problems lately (both him and me...so...the apple doesn't fall far and all....) so I hugged it out with him and then he rested on the couch.  I was so annoyed at that point I knew I NEEDED to run, so I changed and headed to the basement to do the virtual 5K I signed up for last week.  Ugh.  33:3 for my time.  (hence the lovely face in the first picture).  In my defense I have not run in the basement for quite some time.  And it was in the dark. 
My awesome treadmill view.  You're jealous. 

And between the husband calling me in the middle of it to see if I still wanted him to stop at the store on the way home, and A running down stairs every 3 minutes to watch me (in a "I'm sneaking up on you-stalker kind of way that made me practically scream and fly off the treadmill every time so I had to threaten to ground him if he did it again) and I was messing with my audio the whole time (stitcher app was not working, so I tried NPR, and finally resorted to the radio) I guess it wasn't so bad...and I didn't run at all last week after my euphoric Monday run (what gives?).
Oh well.  Not the greatest finish ever, but I was relatively tired and numb to the whining of the kids when I finished, and I rolled with it when the husband came home and said that after dinner we had to drive into town to drop off his car to be repaired (he hit a deer a month ago, and finally made the appointment).  So in that regard, the run was successful to keeping Mama from losing her cool.  And all thoughts of stuffing my face with chocolate or opening the bottle of wine that's for Thanksgiving dinner. 
Totally getting in an outdoor run today!  I MUST!  I told WRF I would change before the after school session so I could tutor 10th period in my running clothes and then just GO when the bell rings!  We'll see how that works out for me!
Also, committed to run a 5K this weekend, and am going to do that Christmasy 5K the first weekend in December, so I'm feeling back on track!

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  1. ahhh what a day! But, you got in the 5k and it's finished! (I really did laugh at that view though, I'm sorry!!) A treadmill is boring enough some days, so it's great you did it!

    I absolutely can not work out if someone is watching me(and that person isn't working out themselves!)