Saturday, November 10, 2012

You know that saying...

I'm not sure they are actual sayings, or just something that sticks in my head from all of my re-readings of Run Like a Mother or any of the other running books/blogs I read (both geared towards mother runners and women alike).

Don't Think, Just Go (That's definitely runlikeamother speak)

The only work out you regret is the one you didn't do. (not sure where that's from)

I'm sure there are more, but these are the two that  are haunting me this morning.  This week the only running goal I had in mind was to complete the virtual run4nyc.  I paid my donation to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief, and signed up for the half marathon, thinking that it was not sacrilege to run it in chunks if that's what I had time to do, instead of all at once, being that it was to honor/support a good cause and not truly a 'race' (not that I would be in contention for any sort of award who does it hurt if I do it over the course of a few days?)

I started out well:  Sunday I did 5 miles. 

Monday I did 2.5 after work before my union meeting.  So sorry to the other building reps who were at my table...I was a sweaty stinky mess!

Tuesday I bailed because I had to come home and add wood to the fire before heading to my Spanish class.  (We have an outdoor wood boiler we use this time of year and the husband is working 10 hour days with an hour and a half the fire would be out by the time he got home with me headed to my class that night) And I had to leave time to vote of course!

Wednesday I had promised a former student I would be in my classroom because she wanted to come visit and high school students are not allowed to enter the building while the middle schoolers are there.  So I stayed like I promised and had a nice visit with her and made her feel good (sometimes that's more important)

Thursday I had parent-teacher conferences where I got to be the parent.  It was nice to hear such great things about my children.  And the only negatives were that my little one (Kindergartner) is kind of talkative.  (Gee, I wonder where he gets that from?!  LOL) and my older one (3rd grade) is sort of flighty and in his own world and perhaps some enrichment activities would help that?  (I'm all for enrichment and he is ready for some...but the kid's a dreamer, loves to make up stories and he tells them in his head to himself all day long....I don't think much will change that.  He totally gets that from my Mom I think!) 

Friday I decided to try and get report card grades done after work instead of a run so that I wouldn't have them hanging over my head the entire long weekend.  It almost worked....I have one class to go of six.  It's maybe half an hours worth of work ahead of me, no biggie.  Sort of glad I stayed, but.....

Today.  Today is Saturday.  My kids were going to go with he husband to hunt.  (no, not REALLY to hunt!  I know they're not old enough!!!)  Today is the day he goes down south and puts in his tree stand and he and his father and his friend and friend's dad all head down and make a big outing of it.  They tromp through the woods and have a 'hunter's lunch' (all kinds of venison processed meats...grody, but they love it....and cheese and crackers and stuff).  It's like a manly picnic or something.  A went, but T changed his mind and now he's home.  Fine.  I was GOING to go crank out 6 miles today after they left....and instead I'm here, going to finish those grades and going to clean the kitchen in the hopes that they will get home in daylight hours so I can still go outside to run.  Maybe if T takes a nap I will hop on the treadmill for a bit, but I love/hate that thing and when there's not ice or snowbanks I superdislike being on there.  sigh.

Long story short:   At the time the decisions were sound to not go running, but today all I see are missed opportunities.  Also, I have no idea when our 'times' are due for the virtual race...and I have only half of the half marathon's sad to get a DNF on a VIRTUAL race for crying out loud!!!


  1. Firstly, thanks for letting me know about the headbands! I've never been prepared for winter running in the past so it's great to actually know what's out there!

    Now, you've had such a busy week! Honestly, I am in AWE of all the parents out there who find time to do any type of exercise after a long day of work + a family to look after. I'm not working full time at the moment, so I do have more free time, AND I don't have a family, and there are still days and weeks where I can fall off the exercise wagon so hard.
    Basically, I hope you have the running week you want next week, but don't worry about this one! :D

    1. That does kind of put it in perspective, I guess...I find though, the busier I am...USUALLY the more I have time for myself, because I'm forced to carve it out and not waffle back and forth on the "do I do it now or later" decisions. I don't think...I just go! You're right! Next week, I've got this!