Monday, November 12, 2012

Never let a Monday go by where you skip a work out

Especially not a gorgeous 60 degree Monday!  I was stuck inside all Sunday, so was super sad to find the weather had been warm, and I totally missed a run.  Also, I had not been out running since Tuesday...and the leg twitchiness I get that makes me want to run had gone from bad to not so bad....which is awful!  Because once that gotta get out the door feeling is gone-it means hibernation mode is kicking in and I'm DONE FOR!

So this morning (thank you to my dear husband, and all other veterans) I used my extra weekend day and made myself get out there.

It was just 3.5 miles...and I walked a couple times (these sinuses are messing with me.  Another good reason to get out there...clean my breathing out before it turns into an actual sickness!) But I feel good and feel like I will be back on track.  Yeay!

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  1. Ahhh I love the outside run! Also, such a cute headband!