Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wing Thing 5K

It's been gorgeous all week, and today...LAKE EFFECT SNOW! I hadn't signed up for this race, but my WRF (Work Running Friend) had asked if I wanted to do it, and although I did that virtual 5k on the treadmill, I definitely enjoy a real run instead for my November race.

Check out that snow!

We drove through a complete white-out to get to the registration, but by the time we started running it was much better out.

I was really nervous about slipping and sliding, but once I found my rythym I had a blast!  I stuck with my friend the whole race, and there were a lot of walkers, so we're pretty sure we placed, but we had to leave before awards.  Oh well!

Ahahha, I took this while running.  With my gloves on.  So goofy!

 So, I got an official race in for November and I got over my fear of running on actual snow.  (Last winter I would only run if the roads were clear..we may get 5-foot snow banks, but they do a pretty good job of clearing it!

There's another 5K next weekend, and it's supposed to be a holiday run  and will take care of my December race.  I really want to dress up, but I have nothing to make myself Christmas-y in running clothes.  I will probably have to settle for a santa hat or something.  Any ideas?


  1. ooooh gosh, that's a lot of snow!!
    last year, I also would only run if the roads were clear, I think I might be sticking to that again this year ;)


  2. Oh man, I'd love to go for a run in that snow! I love the snow, I just don't make it up to the mountain often enough. I used to visit Mammoth and/or Big Bear several times a year to go snowboarding. Not so much anymore.

    As for the holiday run, I say go with a red running shirt/sweatshirt, and the red santa hat to match. Maybe some long reindeer socks, over your compression socks/sleeves if you wear any :-)