Thursday, September 6, 2012

Glad for a routine...but wow is it a packed one!

My regular summer days looked like this: 

4:30  Alarm goes off/ I hit snooze
4:40 same thing
4:50 I get up and throw together breakfast and lunch for DH to have him out the door by 5:10
5:15 DH leaves in a flurry of "Crap, I'm going to be late" and me throwing food and coffee with him.
5:20 I drink my coffee and read facebook and watch the news and generally waste time until...
7:00 the kids are awake now and wanting to watch 'something we like'
8:30 we head out the door to summer rec where I drop them off and drive like a maniac to yoga.
9:00 I get my ohm on.
10:15 i should go home, but maybe I will pick up a few things while I'm in town
12:00 oh geez, I'm hungry.  How did it get to be noon already!  Drive home
12:20 let the crazy dog out, pick up the mail, read the paper
1:00  I should go for a run, but I should do the dishes.  Oh and I forgot to eat.  Eating.
1:30 I really should go for a run but there's S&TC on TV, and I'm folding laundry.
2:00 Ok, I am going for a run NOW.
3:00 Back from run.  I need to pick some things in the garden.  I'm gross, I'll take a shower
3:30 Showered, Shaved, Lotioned and Dried. 
3:45 OMG I need to pick the kids up from summer rec
4:00 phew, made it in time.
4:15 Uh oh...DH will be home in 5 minutes and it looks like I didn't do anything all day
4:16 fake clean the bathroom (empty trash, wipe the counter, spritz the mirror and baby wipe the dog hair off the floor
4:19 Yell at kids to put their junk away and haul the vacuum to the living room
4:21 DH in the driveway, quick wind up vacuum and press preheat on the oven so I can claim I've started dinner.
6:00 eat
7:00 do the dishes (again) and sweep the floor
8:00 round the kids up for bed
9:00...realize I am unable to account for having done a single thing today besides some yoga and a run.  Oh well, it's summer.  Go to bed to do it again tomorrow.

Today's routine was a bit different, and a rude awakening:

4:30 actually get up when the alarm sounds
5:00 shoo DH out the door so he wont' get stuck in traffic while he protests he has a couple of minutes before he HAS to leave.
5:45 Shoot, forgot I don't have time to do anything but drink coffee and shower and put lunches together.  Darn it.  I should have skipped the coffee, made lunch last night and done a Jillian DVD this morning.  Ok then, maybe tomorrow.
6:00  Why am I still analyzing how quickly my morning went?!  Get in the shower!
6:10 Still not in shower...A gets up and I realize I can't remember the last time HE showered.  Force him in the spray meant for me.
6:30  A still in shower, me, yelling at him to hurry up!  Dragging T out of bed, not fun.
6:35  Throw cereal in a bowl for A, Toss pop tarts at T and climb in shower.  Awesome, no hot water left. 
6:45 realize neither boy has eaten anything because someone turned on the TV.  Yell some more.  make them get dressed and brush teeth and put shoes on and put backpacks on before I make them sit down to eat. 
6:55 OMG OMG OMG I dont' have make up on, and I can't find my shoe, and it's the first day of school so I have to do pictures.  Throw on old ratty sandals with nice new dress, puff some powder on my face and grab the mascara to put on when I am in the parking lot.
7:00 Quick take some pictures and drive like a maniac to the sitters
7:10 Attempt to get a goodbye kiss from both boys.  Am only offered the top of head to kiss.  Sigh.  Leave for work and get stuck in the road paving project.  A 10 minute drive turns 25.
7:35 Arrive at work with five minutes to get my room ready.
7:40 here come the kids!
3:05 lock the door to my class, hide behind closet door and change to go for a run.
3:15 in parking lot, starting run, wow I feel good!
3:45 back to car, jump in, get stuck in paving project again
4:10 arrive at sitters too late to see boys get off the bus.  Oh well.
4:30 DH arrives home and leaves promptly for golf
5:30 oops, meant to make crock pot meal this morning.  Promise to take kids to Subway if they get ready right away to go to AYSO meeting
6:00 Arrive to meeting to find that it's just passing out uniforms.  I drove all this way for NOTHING?! 
6:15 Ok, not nothing.  I get a veggie sub for my trouble.
7:00 back home, eat dinner, catch up on blog
8:00 kids to bed, me to bed.  What happened to my day?!

I hope I get used to this pace sooner rather than later.  Today felt like a marathon!

Thursday:  2.5
This week: 13.8
September: 18.2


  1. Wow! Teaching taught me to pretend to be a morning person, but I was getting up at 5:30, not 4:30. Then again, I only had one kid during my last year as a teacher. Good for you for fitting in a run--exercise was tough for me to get to when I was working.

  2. LOL you sound very busy! Amazing what can and can't be accomplished in a day. Don't ya just hate that summer vacation is over? Stopping by from the MMMBH. New follower here.

    Michele @