Thursday, September 27, 2012

Not a major injury...but enough to worry me...a little

We had open house last night at school.  I dread open house.  It's not anything specific, but I just don't love it.  It's short and sweet, but then the pressure is on to meet with all the parents and be polite, but some parents totally hog your time and others get frustrated and leave to see other teachers and you feel bad.  Some parents are super excited to talk about their kids (which is great!) and others seem hell-bent on convincing me their kids are really trouble and brats and they don't know how I haven't had problems with them yet.  (Um.  Well.  Maybe I have.  But I'm not going to talk to you about that in a room full of other parents and kids.)  It stresses me out, so it was a perfect afternoon for a run (even though I would have to baby-wipe shower before parents showed up!  I even remembered fresh deodorant and body spray that I never wear, but I figured I should err on the side of caution.)

My WRF (Work Running Friend) and I headed out around 3:30.  I wasn't in such a hurry to get out the door since I knew I was staying at work until open house started at 7:00 (late, but there was a parent anti-bullying assembly at 6 that we didn't have to attend) and DH had encouraged me to stay at work to run and get some paperwork done instead of rushing home to do dinner and having to go back to the school.  We ran to the park via our usual trail, then did the big park loop since we had some extra time and then up the big hill we usually avoid.  Everything went great.  Until a car that was parked on the side of the road started to drive.  Down the side of the road.  Where people park...not IN the road.  I moved to get out of the way and ran through a pile of leaves.  Unfortunately, the pile of leaves was hiding a few downed tree branches and I went down hard twisting my ankle.  I actually thought I couldn't walk at first.  I gingerly took a few steps and the throbbing was awful.  I kept walking and tried not to cry and did my best to assess if it was me freaking out or if my ankle was really bad.  After about a block, I tried a little jog and the pain passed.

We finished our run and I headed back into the building to change and assess the damage.  It was fine during open house, but I wrapped it before bed anyway.  In the middle of the night I took the wrap off and this morning I have my ankle brace on from when I sprained my foot (Why can't I remember if it's the right or left I always sprain?!  This is my right ankle/foot this time...if it's the same foot I'm worried about it being weak and hurting my foot even more since this is my recurring injury.)  It's a little tender this morning.  And maybe a little poofy.  I'll keep it wrapped all day I think and then ice it when I can.  I should skip this afternoons run probably, but then that makes two super low mileage weeks before this Sunday's half.  I've come so far in my training.  I am now officially scared for Sunday, but I think it's the lesser of two evils to rest my ankle/foot then to get in another short run (that's all I really will have time for). 

I'm extra glad I made the decision to run the Delta Lake Half two weekends ago.  If I hadn't I would not have any feeling in my head about what a half marathon would actually feel like.  I'm relived to have that under my belt and I might be in pain on Monday, but I don't think this ankle is anything that will stop me. Wish me luck!

Yesterday:  3.5
Week: 6
September: 50.2


  1. That's awful that you hurt your ankle- especially right before your Half!!
    Speaking of your Half...I wanna hear about it!!!! :)

    1. Finally got my post up! Ankle: totally fine, race: awesome!