Thursday, September 27, 2012

Technical Difficulties and Shoe Shopping

Last post never showed up, so I just published it...whoops!  I think our internet connection is not as good, since it's the end of the month.  We my cell phone hooked up to the computer for internet, and I am pretty sure the closer we get to using all the data, the slower the connection is.  And when connected to the home computer instead of the laptop, I've noticed that I lose the connection more often.  Another joy of country living I guess.

Anyway, this week is finally here!  I snuck to the mall on Sunday when I was supposed to be getting groceries and tried to search out some shoes on my own.  I was having such a hard time deciding that I began to think that maybe the increase in mileage has caused my feet to change or something.  Finally, after talking to an employee at Olympia sports who acted like he knew about running shoes, but I suspect didn't really know what was going on I headed to my standby (where I should have gone anyway) called the Sneaker Store.  It's the closest running shoe store in the area, and all the employees are runners for sure.  The store was staffed with a couple of college cross country runners (It was the weekend of the Falling Leaves race which is another huge race in the area, so I didn't expect to see the owners like I usually do).  We went through the usual procedure and after the discussion we had we narrowed down my options to the Nike Pegasus (my feet have never liked Nike-the arch is in a weird spot for my feet.) Mizuono Wave (I forget which ones, you can tell I didn't get them.  I liked them, but after I tied up the bright yellow beasts, it seemed like they were rubbing me all the wrong way.  And the way the toes curled up in the front just felt bizarre) Brooks Ghost and Asics Nimbus.  I narrowed it down to the Brooks and the Asics.  I really really liked the Nimbus.  They felt so much like the other pairs of Cumulus I have owned (not the current ones though, I hate them.  And I can't return them.  Anyone have narrow toes and wear an 8?  I'll sell them to you!  They only have 5 miles on them!) but the price!  I also liked the Brooks. The problem with them is that although I measured a 7 on the foot scale (I made him measure me twice.  I haven't worn a 7 since before having children.) the 7.5 seemed a little snug in the toe.  The kid helping me didn't seem to think it was that snug, but he went to look for an 8 so I could try just in case.  Too bad, they didn't have any 8's.  After much deliberation, realizing I STILL needed to go grocery shopping, I ended up with the Brooks.  So far, they seem good, and aren't as tight as I had thought in the toe, they seem perfect actually.

I went out on Monday and put my first 2.5 on them, and they were nice and cushy and my usual post run aches and pains didn't happen.  Success!

I skipped Tuesday's run to finish my Spanish homework before class, and to get back to the mall before class.  A new DSW shoe warehouse opened up, and while I was there looking at running shoes, I found a pair of Merrells on the clearance rack.  I loved them so much!  Not for running.  I have a few pairs of kick around in sneakers, and I talked myself out of buying them while I was there on Sunday.  I've been thinking about them ever since.  In my day dreams, I am wearing them post half marathon this weekend, driving home.  I'm wearing them on jeans-day Friday at school.  I'm wearing them while getting groceries.  I have not been able to stop thinking about them.  If that is not shoelove then I don't know what is.  Luckily they had a pair left when I got there on Monday and I grabbed them right up.  I haven't worn them yet...or even 'fessed up about my shoe haul (oh...I also picked up a couple pairs of brown shoes for work at dog ate the pair of brown flats I wear with  everything last spring and I never replaced them).  They are totally on my feet tomorrow at work though for jeans day!  So excited!
Happy Feet!  Not for running though...I'm not into the minimalist running.  Yet.

Monday: 2.5
Tuesday 0 (but quite the shoe haul..and I got my Spanish homework hopefully I don't regret skipping!)

Week:  2.5
September 46.7

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