Friday, September 21, 2012

Low Mileage Week

Well, obviously I haven't been hitting the road as much as usual.  Part of this is planned, the other part...not so much.  After last weekend's half marathon, I had some creaky knees and a sore back to help me through the day on Monday.  Nothing huge to complain about, and not unexpected, considering my old running shoes weren't helping me any.  Monday at work though, BAM!  I had a blister burst open in my shoe.  The lovely beauty is located half on my pinky toe and into the crease under it, and a little on my foot.  I almost NEVER get blisters!  Especially not with old shoes!  I knew my pinky toe hurt a bit at the end of the run, but I never looked to see what was going on with it.  I wish I had known it was a blister (and a ginormous one at that) and I would have drained it on my own first.  Instead it popped and made a disgusting mess of my sock, then burned and stung and bled all day.  That night, I left it hanging out of the covers so it would air out, only to find that the next day was even worse, since the skin had hardened and was now stabbing into my toe with every step!  It was a little better Thursday and I attempted a short loop after work in my new shoes (still hoping, but nope.  They still suck) and found my gait was compromised because of my toe, and was really in agony when I got back to my car...from my hips and knees right down to my little pig. Finally I called my mom, after polling everyone I know about how to take care of the blister so I can run again!  (Who knew a little pinky toe could cause so much trouble!)  Moms always know everything.  Especially my mom.  Per her suggestion, I slathered it in Bag Balm (petro-chemicals aside....I don't use it for everything, but sometimes you just gotta mom says) wrapped it up and today it's a ton better.  Thank goodness.  I have that little 5K in the morning.  Wish me and my hamburger toe good luck!

(For the record:  I did take a picture of said toe.  But it was just too gross to share.  I'm totally going to delete it from my phone, it makes me queasy to look at it!)

Thursday: 2 measly, painful miles
Week:  15.1 (Thank goodness this week includes that half, or my count would be pa-the-tic! .....although if not for the race, I would not have the moot point I guess)
September: 41.1

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