Monday, September 3, 2012

Fun packed Saturday

First, my math skills are pretty stinky (I think I've covered this already) but simple addition.  I didn't actually hit 70 miles in August...only 69!  I ran 3 miles at the track not four.  What was I thinking?!  Oh well.  So I have a goal for this month my calculations correctly and hit 70!

Saturday I ran 4.4.  I wasn't sure if I was going to run at all on Saturday since I was babysitting last minute for my niece and nephew in the morning and A had make-up horse lessons in the late morning and I am used to DH going golfing on Saturday mornings.  I had a pleasant surprise when he stayed home and took A to lessons while I stayed at the house with T and my 8 year old nephew and 10 month old niece.  After they were picked up, we worked on a pinterest craft I've been waiting to do all summer (simply because I didn't have my sharpies at home and refused to buy new ones just for a t-shirt!) which took way longer than I expected, in a good way.

A, carefully planning his design
T's finished product.  Super cute!  I think I might do one of my running shirts like this!

 The boys were completely engaged in the project for almost 2 hours!  After DH's parents called and asked for us to come over for dinner, I asked sweetly of DH if I could get a run in and meet him at his parents' house.  Sure he said!  Which was great, because I had my new Camelbak belt to try out.

A necessary purchase for long runs, after the empty bottle of nuun episode.
  I've been waiting forever from zulily for it, and it showed up promptly after I ate an entire plate full of fried okra. 

Our CSA has been sending generous portions of okra with each week's basket.  I've tried it other ways, but it seems the most palatable way is Paula Deen style.  Note to self:  Don't fry two whole containers at once, you can't stop yourself from stuffing yourself silly!
Gross.  But I went anyway. I wanted to test it out on a short run first, before I did my long run, to manage where the body glide should go if necessary. 

It worked pretty well, after I figured out where to wear it.  I started it low on my hips, where I usually wear my spibelt.  It was bouncing all over the place so I moved it up...then up again and finally up again.  After the first mile and 4 stops/adjustments it was solid and didn't move.  Awesome.  I could reach the bottle, which is really cool in that you turn the mouthpiece to open it, so it's leak-proof while running, and you don't have to worry about bouncing the spout closed with your teeth like on a regular bike-type bottle (I've tried one before...and I pinched my lip in the spout more than once!)

Anyway, I made it to the in-laws, despite a couple barking dogs (my goodness they get my adrenaline running and I just feel spent about 5 minutes after I'm past!)  4.4 in the bag and no chafing from the water belt.  Sweet!

September:  4.4

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