Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Settling in to September, and racing my butt off!

Now that we have hit day 5 of classes at school, I'm finding my stride.    This past weekend, my aunt got married, I had a meeting about the eventual redistricting of our elementary schools due to dropping enrollment,, and my kids' babysitter (whom I have long felt I paid too much, and was looking forward to dropping the price because I now have two full-timers) texted me to tell me her day rate was more than I thought therefore the check I wrote her was "confusing".  I have had enough of her overcharging me, and not telling me when her rates have changed and basically not treating my kids the same as the others because they don't come all I spent Sunday seeking out a new babysitter to put them on the bus.  My amazing neighbor is giving it a try and I sure hope it works out.  A is a little weird-crazy when I pick him up, but otherwise she doesn't seem overly stressed out having my boys for an hour or so each day.  Monday was tough, because I had a union meeting after school.  Tuesday is my Spanish class night, and I was determined to fit in a run (I hadn't been out since Thursday last week!  Oh no!)  I brought both my running clothes and things to change into when I was done, and baby wipes for a 'shower' so I didn't stink up the Spanish room!  My friend from work and I hit our usual route but added on the big loop at the park and it ended up being shy of 4 miles.  It felt amazing to get back out there.  So happy I went even though I had to eat dinner while driving to my class (subway is not the easiest thing to eat while driving stick shift through a city, but I managed!) and I did my homework in the parking lot!  Today, I squeezed in 2.5 (we think, the gps wasn't working) after work, and I arrived home to find my new shoes.  I'm happy about them, I think but they don't feel as cushy as I remember my other cumulus's feeling when I first got them.  They'll have to do, I don't have either money or time to get another pair.

I think I'll have to run tomorrow too, then I'll see how I feel Friday.  I feel like I shouldn't necessarily taper, since this Sunday's half is not my "real" first half (well, it is, but the first one I registered for is the one I will be running with my high school bff on the 30th).  I also registered for the 5k in my hometown (not the one I live in now, my childhood one) which is the weekend in between my two half. My current hometown 5k (which technically, I have lived in much longer than I lived in in my other hometown) is the weekend following, and I really want to do that one, because I hit my 5k pr (race, not training timed pr) there last year with out realizing it. 

My schedule is jam-packed (open house for the boys tomorrow, mine next week in addition to regular craziness) so I have to wrap this up, but I'm starting to fit in my runs again after last weeks slackerness so I feel much more centered even though the house is far from clean and I seem to only be able to get my running clothes washed recently.

Tuesday 3.8
Wednesday 2.5
This week 6.3
September 24.5 (not very many miles considering we are almost half way in...but my two half marathons should make up for that, right?)

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