Thursday, September 13, 2012

Not psyched about my new kicks yet...

Maybe I was expecting too much from my new pair of shoes.  My last two pairs of Asics Cumulus have served me well.  In the past few years, though I think my gait has changed a bit.  I've seen myself run past too many store front windows, thinking I looked like Kara Gaucher, only to find that I look more like the old guy at the back of the pack just shuffling along.  I realized that I needed to incorporate some of my yoga-straight-spine, tight core into my runs, and as a result, I'm not displeased with what I look like when I catch a glimpse of myself anymore.  Also, my times have improved (although is that due to purposely training and not just hanging with a 5k base?  Hard to say) 

Anyway, I took the new kicks for a spin this afternoon.  A mere 1.5 miles.  The toe box is definitely narrower...I am pretty sure my big toe was squished, just a little.  And I was right, there's just not as much cushioning in the forefoot and heel as I was expecting on my new shoes.  It's very weird, since the cumulus and nimbus are known for their cloud-like feel.  Or so I'm told.  By the websites.  And the guy at the shoe store.

I'm not in any pain from today's little jog (I usually loathe the word jog, but that's exactly what it felt like today...just a jog.  I'm still counting it towards my total though!), and they seem alright enough, but I was just hoping to have the comfort I previously had with my old shoes.  Maybe they're just not the right kind for me anymore.

It doesn't matter either way though, I no longer have time enough to get shoes for Sunday's I either race in the new shoes and risk blisters, or tough it out in my older pair, which I was hoping to not have to do, since I've been feeling creaky in my back and hips and I'm pretty sure it's the age of the shoes.  I totally should have thought about this earlier in the summer.  Lesson learned:  Go to the shoe store no matter how inconvenient and no matter if you actually have an hour to try on shoes or not.  Just do it.  Rats.

Today: 1.5
Week: 7.8
September: 26


  1. Too bad the new shoes didn't work out for you! That would be a hard decision, to run the race in your old ones, or risk the new ones. How long is your race?

  2. Tomorrow is my first half, technically...but the first one I registered for is later this month (I think when yours is). That one I am traveling for, to run with my bestie from highschool...This one is literally 10 minutes from my house and I am counting it as my last long training's hard to pass up a local race when you know you can do it! I'm thinking of it as my last long training run so I give myself permission to walk when I need/want to and I'm not thinking about anything but finishing. And when I have a guaranteed pr going in, I don't want it to be too fast, right? :)

  3. That's exactly right! As you know I did my 13 mile long run yesterday, in 2:45. I'm just hoping to beat that in the official race!