Monday, August 6, 2012

My Weirdest Long Run Yet

I almost didn't run today.  It's beautiful out.  I had another kick-ass yoga session this morning.  I was hungry.  I drove with around a loop I thought was 8 miles (my goal today) but it was only 6...and I saw a LOT of dog houses.  I love my dog, but I am not crazy about other peoples' dogs...especially when they are not chained up.  I drove around to drop off water bottles like I did last week, since it worked so well and gave me something to look forward to on my run.  But I didn't drop them off because I was fixated on the odometer and the number of dogs that looked like they might not be tied up.  I got back home and got a phone call from summer rec saying that A didn't want to go to the YMCA to go swimming, was complaining of a stomach ache but she thought he was faking so I could pretend she didn't call.  (wha?  I didn't go get him...he's been wanting to just come home and hang with mama)  Then I was even hungrier.  Then I decided I just needed to get out the door and I gave myself permission to turn around if I had to.

I dropped a bottle of water and a bottle of nuun at the stop sign on the corner, so in case I decided to do the end of the road and back twice I would have hydration at my half point, or in case my calculations came up short and I had to tack on a mini out and back...or mostly since I went on that 7 miler with my friend a few weeks ago and was dizzy with dehydration I just like knowing I have something to drink out there. 

I ran to the corner and felt surprisingly good, so I kept going.  There's a house with a big dig (maybe a lab mix) and a chihuahua that I go past all the time...the chihuahua hates me and the last time I went out he crossed the street to chase me until I turned and yelled at him.  I had always thought they must have some sort of invisible fencing because they always barked and growled but never came to the road.  So I'm a bit wary of them now.  I made it past them and came to the intersection I normally turn around at for a 5 miler (or last week when I tacked on a bit more in the opposite direction) and I kept going...but then I came across a couple more dogs (these, I'm pretty sure have an invisible fence) but then a couple houses later two bigger dogs came tearing out and came right to the road.  I stopped, walked and tried to stay calm.  I turned around, sadly actually, since I had an intersection in my mind that I'd like to make it to.  Oh well.  I got back to my road, thought about heading towards my bottle of nuun and then going out again, but realized once I was in sight of my house my body would say "nope, all done".  It's happened before.  I kept going when I got to my road down to the next one, did a little loop there and came back.  I was long out of water, and though fine, really really wanted my nuun!  I got back to the stop sign and my nuun was gone!!  Gone!!!  And by gone, I don't mean someone picked up the bottles thinking they were litter, I mean the bottle was completely empty and next to my full bottle of water!  What?!  There was a really hot town worker(not hot as in attractive, hot as in I thought as I ran by him that he looked sweaty and uncomfortable) mowing the sides of the road. I think he stole my nuun!  Who drinks things they find on the side of the road?!  Ack!  I almost chased after him waving the empty bottle, but I resisted.  That would be more crazy, right?

Needless to say, even though I had been feeling good at that point, I saw the house, didn't have my nuun and headed home.  I thought maybe for a minute I would go back for half a mile and then to the house to add another mile, but I didn't. 

So weird.  But a great run otherwise.  Beautiful, much cooler weather.  I also went to yoga this morning, so I was good and stretched before I started, and I could feel the difference in my posture almost the whole run (we worked on posture poses the whole class..I'm sure my core will be cranky tomorrow!).  Lovely day, and I'm off to prepare dinner.

Today: 8.3
This week: 8.3 (oh, yeah, I didn't run yesterday)
August: 15.4


  1. So funny. Who does that? Swinging by from the hop! Thanks for stopping in today!

  2. I saw the same town worker (super small town...we don't even have a stop light) mowing another road the next day. Resisted all urges to pull over and offer him a bottle of water (I didn't really have any with me). I visualized him looking surprised and relieved and accepting, and me saying, "Oh, well, I don't have any with me, but feel free to go back to my running route and steal the bottle I left at the end of my 8 mile run you jerk!" Surprisingly it made me feel better!