Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 3: Holy Hill Holy Hot

Day 3:  I could hardly sleep last night, since I wrote that blog post so got my legs all twitchy again to hit the road.  Weird, since just a few weeks ago I was in such a running funk I seriously considered pulling out of training after the Boilermaker.  I really really really didn't want to run.  At all.  Luckily I recovered, and I'm still here!  Anyway, I stayed up way too late writing the post, then laying there thinking about running, so I was happy to hop in the car and drive to the next town to meet a friend from work for a running date.  The weather is STILL gorgeous around here!  My garden is suffering, and maybe my well (but so far so good, knock on wood).  Either way I was so excited to run a nice easy run.  My friend also ran the Boilermaker on Sunday so I figured she'd want to take it easy.  Maybe it was easy for her.  It was easy for me for the first 2 miles...which is why when she asked if I wanted to take 'this turn' or 'the next one and tack on 2 miles' I said keep going!  We crossed the street and went down a seasonal road I never would have known was there.  It was almost like trail running...for quite a way!  I still was doing good, so we kept going and before I knew it we were clear across town and I was trying to get my bearings.  When I realized that we had more than 2 miles to go before getting back to my car...I kind of freaked.  We went up a HUGE freaking hill and I had to walk a bit at the top.  The view was gorgeous, but I was too beat to enjoy it.  Then we headed down the long steady hill into town, me dreaming of the drinking fountain I knew was waiting for me in the park at the bottom of the hill.  Too bad it's not working right now.  I psyched myself up for the next one, at another park we would pass...but it was on the other side.  I have never gone for a run longer than 5 miles with out either water stops or carrying hydration.  I really really tried, but when I realized the next fountain was a no-go too, I walked.  I tried tried to kick it back in about half a mile from the car, but my quads and my calves were screaming at me to leave them alone.  I really really wanted to make it, but an evening run, followed by morning run was just not a good plan for me.  I also probably under hydrated this morning, especially considering I thought I would do a 3 miler.  I am glad I went, and glad I made it as far as I did, and I have a HUGE respect for my badass running friend!  She just started running about a year ago, and she has come so far!  I hope she wants to run again, even though I bailed! 

Total today:  6 miles and some change (who knows?  I sure could use that watch with GPS to help me figure out today's run!)

This week's total:  18.4
July's total:  31.6

Next in the schedule is some speed work.  I have a feeling it will wait for Friday...or maybe at least tomorrow evening. 

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