Monday, July 30, 2012

Long run woes for nothing

So I postponed my 'long' run since on Sunday my children slept late (what?! They never sleep in!) and I didn't get up; I didn't even set my alarm, my children are so reliable.  It was also A's birthday party day (at gramma and grampa's house...but I still had work to do to get ready for it)  I took my stuff with me, thinking I could run home after the party, but it got a lot hotter than I thought. 
This morning my tummy was all nervous.  I have 7 miles on my plan, and I was nervous for it.  I KNOW I have run further than that, but for the past couple of weeks, all these 3-3.5 mile days were kicking my butt.  I would return to the driveway and just feel such relief- I was sure every time, that I couldn't run another step.  Well, long and slow was not awful, and when I compare it to my pre-15K runs, I realize there's a big difference running long and slow than doing ALL runs long and slow. It was so much easier today...and I even kept it under 12 minute miles.  Sweet.  I also drove to two points on the route I had planned and dropped off water bottles.  I carried one with me and then traded the empty for the full at each point (don't worry, I drove around at the end and picked them up...and also checked my mileage-I had guessed wrong and I didn't trust my runkeeper app.) 

Today: 7.7 (oops, a little over!)
Week: 7.7
Month: 68.8

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