Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Today was Day 2 of my official half-marathon training.  For the first time I actually felt like running after doing the big 15K race!  I actually had a hard time not running yesterday (my first training day, a rest day, haha!)  I felt great, the sun was shining, my kids were not home, I had a ton of work in and out of the house to avoid.  I settled for a brisk 2 mile walk with the dog instead though and I'm glad I did.  Today it was a little harder to motivate to go.  Yesterday I spent some time going over my training plan and figuring out how to stuff a 15 week plan into 10 weeks (if I run the 'trial' half marathon the two weeks before the one I am actually already committed to) and I was stressed out.  My friend recommended a 12 week plan (more on that later) that has a couple of different levels, from novice (as in not really running anything yet) to advanced (done a half before and want to PR).  I found the Intermediate plan to be close to the Train Like a Mother plan I had decided on, so I'm going to use them both as guide lines.  I decided today would be some speed work, since I have a running date tomorrow morning with a friend from work.  Unfortunately, life got in the way, and I was not kid-less this morning as I had planned on.  Today was also horseback riding lessons for my older child and my husband was out of town until this evening, so that limited my options of running time.  (Our regular babysitters now have real jobs and boyfriends so it's tough to get them to agree to watch my two boys if they even have the time.)  I got the idea to take the kids to the playground and run repeats over there while they played, but they were having so much fun showing me all the stuff they can do now I enjoyed the time with them.  Plan B:  I called my in-laws to see if they would be willing to take the boys for a bit after lessons so I could go do the 5K run the local running club has on Tuesday nights then I would come right back for them.  And it worked.  I didn't get my speed work in, but since I've never suffered through it since High School I figured, no loss really.  I got my twitchy legs to relax, and I actually finished under 30 minutes (again!  I did it 3 weeks ago too) so either I'm getting better at my 5K OR the course is not quite right.  I'll believe the former, it makes me feel good.  Especially since I did it just one rest day later than running 9 miles.  Last year and the year before, both times I ran the 15K race I spent at least 3 weeks trying to get motivated to do much more than take a leisurely stroll down the road.  Getting a run in while I was still feeling it was crucial or inertia might set in.  So glad I did!  Day 2 down!  Tomorrow I'll be doing either 3 or 5 or 7 with my friend (depends on what she feels like...I'm hoping for the 5....I don't want to push my luck with 7 and then be too tired to do speed work on Thursday...I know I need to start working those in or I will just never do it.

I also got thinking I want to keep track of my mileage this month to see what I hit.  Since I actually haven't run that much I'm pretty sure I can account for all my runs this far:

So far this week I had Sunday: 9.3, Monday: 0, Today: 3.1 for a total of 12.4
Last week I ran only 2 days, Sunday was 7 miles and Tuesday was the 10K with the club for 13.2 (hey look!  I ran a half marathon last week!)
The week before was June, so I'm not counting it.  So far for July my total is:  25.6
Not too bad.  I've never kept track before.  I wonder if I will hit 100?  maybe?  That would be neat!

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