Monday, July 16, 2012

Planning Hyrdation Stations

The last time I ran in major heat and humidity with out adequate hydration was the day I went with my friend and kept going and going and going.  My list of things I want to try include a hydration belt so I am not with out water.  I really slumped on that run.  Part of it was from thirst.  Part of it was that it was probably just too early to run 7 miles after doing the Boilermaker. 

Anyway, the forecast called for not super high temps (85 or so) but high humidity, and I wanted to make sure I didn't bail on my run today, so I dropped the kids at summer recreation and then drove into town to run in the park.  The park has a mile and a half loop, and lots of places I could stash water.  Also, it has two bathrooms.  It seems like I can't step out the door to run with out having to pee in the first ten minutes.  This is why I love running skirts...much more modest to stop and 'tie my shoe' in a skirt than in shorts.  Anyway, I took the 10 minute drive and went in knowing I would run at least two laps.  The first lap I stowed a gatorade bottle (my husbands, yuck, I hate the stuff) with ice, water and nuun in the planter by the enterance.  My first trip around was nice and quiet, pretty cool temperatures and few bugs.  I stopped and peed at the first bathroom (it was inevitable) got back to the start and drank half the bottle of nuun.  I felt so good, I imagined doing 2 or 3 more loops.  Next loop:  Started out good, but I crapped out somewhere on the last half mile.  I ended up finishing my drink at the end, walking through the small 'off road' trail and headed back to the car.  What happened?!

I think I should have gone in with a clear game plan.  None of this "I might run 3.  I might run 4.  Let's see!" crap.  I know unless my limits are set for me ahead of time, 3 miles is about my sweet spot.  I can comfortably run 3 with no effort or desire to stop, but if I know I have to keep going I hit my wall later.  Also, I'm getting really really comfortable with taking short walk breaks.  Too comfortable.  I'm not trying to Galloway it.  Not that that's a bad thing to do, and I plan on incorporating walks into my half marathon at water stations (or maybe every 3 miles)?  I need to figure it out, but I'm not figuring it out very well by taking a walk break every time I kind of sort of feel like it!   Hopefully, lesson learned. 

Tonight's homework:  Actually map out the rest of my plan for this week.  Maybe not which work out which days, but a checklist of sorts. 

Today: 3
This week:  8
July 39.6  (see?!  IF I had done one more loop I would be in the 40s)

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