Saturday, July 21, 2012

Foiled Plans Again

Yesterday was not my favorite day.  Both kids were supposed to go to summer rec, and they would be roller skating in the morning, and bowling in the afternoon.  That would mean a day of 9:00-4:00 for me with no kids.  I had grand plans to drop off water bottles along a 7 mile loop and after running,  I was going to go to the sporting goods store to check out hydration belts.  Unfortunately, my older kid freaked out at last minute and just wouldn't go on the field trip.  I am sure if I had forced him to go, he would have had a good time, but then memories of my own childhood came back.  I really was nervous doing things like skating.  I also know what it's like to worry so much about what your peers are going to say about you (he's a crier) that even though I knew he would be fine, I took him back home with me.  My 5 year old got on the bus like it was nothing and had a great day.  My (soon-to-be) 8 year old came home and managed to do nothing but annoy me all day.  I knew it was simply me, being a brat, because my plans had been changed.  I could see myself being unnecessarily annoyed at him for things that were little, nothing annoyances.  I need to work at rolling with the punches.  This will probably happen a lot during training.  My fear yesterday was that if I forced him to go when he didn't want to that I would never get him to go to rec again.  It's hard to balance pushing my sensitive child just enough so he overcomes his fears and worries with allowing him to 'sit it out' until he is more comfortable and enters the activity on his own.  The problem is, that a lot of times he won't 'sit it out' until he is comfortable.  He sits it out permanently. 

Enough about my parenting.  That's fodder for another blog.  I spent the day being grouchy and basically getting nothing done.  I also wasn't super nice to my son, even though I knew it wasn't his fault.  I'm the one who let him stay home.  I made myself take a nap, and by the time my husband got home from work I had decided that I was going to go right out the door for a run.  Mama needed an attitude adjustment.  I got out there and contemplated just going to the end of the road and back, which would be 3 miles, despite my lack of training this week.  I got to the end of the road and realized that I felt good, great even!  My first mile was a little rusty, and achy, but as I moved along I felt better and better.  I took a right and ran to the road that intersects in that direction, turned around ran back past my own road, up to the next intersection, came back and turned down my own road...the loop was like a T.  I have never done it before, and I couldn't guess how far I ran.  I was hoping for 6 miles based on how long it took me, but I'm getting worse and worse and judging my pace when I run longer distances.  I came home, stretched, made dinner, cleaned up and went to bed.  This morning I had hoped to run in my hometown's 5K, but the husband had already made plans for a golf tournament that apparently is always held this weekend, but I always forget (it's the weekend of our anniversary and the only year he hasn't played is the year we got married.  He thinks I remember, but every year I forget)  Anyway, I figure I will run a bit tonight, even if it is in the heat, and just go with it.  I'm feeling much better for getting that run in.  This morning I mapped my run on the usatf website and it was just a touch over 6 miles.  Success!

Yesterday: 6.1
This week 16.6
July: 48.2

It looks like I won't break 100 for the month, but that's okay.  It's not really one of my goals, but I thought it would be neat!

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