Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another rest day...not on purpose

I didn't sleep well last night.  Our house is filled with flies (the joys of country living) even though I have cleaned and scrubbed.  I have no idea what they are after, but between the one that was trapped in my room last night dive-bombing my ear while I tried to sleep and the fact that I didn't realize/remember that green tea has caffeine in it (whoops!  I drank about 4 glasses of the stuff iced with my dinner last night) I was up half the night.  I went back to bed after the husband left at 5:15 for work.  Normally I stay up and have my coffee and generally enjoy the peace and quiet before the boys come tearing out of their rooms around 6:30, or 7 if I am lucky.  Today though, I climbed back in bed and conked out.  My oldest came in around 7:30 to ask if he could watch TV.  "Sure" I mumbled and went back to sleep.  Then at 8:30 my alarm went off reminding me it was time to take them to summer rec.  I dragged myself out of bed to find both boys sitting on the couch in underwear, complaining about being hungry and whining about not wanting to go to rec.  Sigh.  I couldn't very well get them there looking like that and starving.  I fed them, made them get dressed and let them stay home.  It was a short day at rec anyway, and they weren't missing much, but I usually make them go when they want to stay home.  They end up having a great time, and are so much more well behaved when they get home.  Usually somewhere around lunch they are at each other's throats and they have had enough of each other.  I'm afraid if I let them 'skip' rec, they will skip it more and more and 1) I will have paid for it for nothing and 2)I wont have any more time to run in the summer.  Today was not the best day for me to do this because the husband had golf again tonight, which meant no evening run either.  Tomorrow I will make up for it by dropping them off, then placing strategic water bottles along a 7 mile route so I'm good to go when I get home.  I really meant to have them skip rec tomorrow as they are going roller skating (really?!  I love it, but who skates anymore?  please don't let my babies break any bones) and then to the bowling alley after lunch (wow.  Long long day)  I really hope they want to go.  If they are scared, I'm sure my heart will break tomorrow and I will let them stay home and I'll be forced to run in the afternoon heat when my husband gets home from work.  which sucks also because I'm thinking about running a 5K in my childhood home town I just found out about on Saturday.  It would be a good race for the family to go with me to, since the field days are going on there too.  They could hang out with my dad and then we could go get fried food and ride rides. 
I COULD have hit the treadmill today instead, but I really really was tired, and I decided I just didn't want to.  Not a good plan, but I will pick it back up tomorrow.  I have to.  The last time I let it get to me I was in a running funk for a week.  I don't have that kind of time in my training schedule to be in a funk!

Today: 0


  1. Hey Jess! When is your half marathon? Are you following a plan? I have found that is easiest for me.
    I'm the same way, if I take more than a few days off, I have such a hard time getting back into it. Good luck!!

  2. Thanks! Mine is the end of September, sort of. There's a local half marathon two weeks before, and it's cheap and I can sleep in my own bed, so I'm hoping to use that one as my long training run before I taper down. My original first marathon is the last weekend in September, and is with my best friend from high school. I have too many plans I think...I had had my heart set on using the Train Like a Mother: Finish it Half marathon plan, but it's a 15 week plan, and I had 12. My friend uses Hal Hidgon every time, and says it's never let her down. So I'm sort of using a combination of the two. I like the flexibility of the TLM plan, as it lists the "must get in no matter what" workout and the "it's ok if you have to skip this to get groceries or deal with a sick child" work out for the week and Hal's was the right length!