Friday, July 27, 2012

I've got my homework done!

I feel like such a good student.  Even though my days of the week on the training plan didn't match up, I did all the work outs, including strength and stretching, which I had not been doing well at incorporating.  I am so glad I made it back to the yoga studio.  Did I mention that already?  Well, I am so happy to be back there!

This morning I took the kids and a gazillion cupcakes to summer rec.  It's A's birthday and he wanted to celebrate there, since he's not old enough to realize he actually has a good deal with his birthday always being on summer vacation.  He's always sad when kids at school have birthdays and bring in goodies.  His teachers have always had either a 'half birthday' day for him or a 'summer birthday' day in June, but let's face it.  it's just not the same as celebrating ON your birthday.  I totally get it.  When I left rec, I headed back to the yoga studio.  The sacrifice I make by going there is that I have to run closer to noon, so it's hotter, but I think it's a sacrifice well worth making most days.  There is class Monday, Wednesday and Friday so I'm going to try and get as many of them as I can. 
I returned home, fully intending to run, but ended up eating lunch instead...and tucking into a pint of Ben and Jerry's Greek Yogurt...crap.  And ate potato chips.  A lot of them.  I had meant to only hydrate.  oops.  I puttered around the house until 3, and finally headed out the door for my run.  I felt AWESOME!  Actually, my LEGS felt awesome.  My stomach was a different story.  I am lactose intolerant and it was not a good plan to have a lunch date with Ben and Jerry.  I spent my run trying not to puke every mile or so.  In between heaving though, I was a rock star!  Note to self:  Don't buy any freaking Ben and Jerry's and pretend that it's for the kids.  It's not for the kids.  And 'just a little taste' out of the pint turns into half the pint.  It's not worth it!!! (Well, maybe it was worth it.  It was the peanut butter banana flavor and it's amazing.)  OK.  So I might do it again, but I will try try try to wait until after a run to do it! 

Any other ice cream/fro yo addicts out there?  What about chips?  I can't seem to walk away from an open bag.  Kettle chips.  mmmmmm.

Today:  3.5
Week: 12. 9 (argh!  I should totally do the math before I walk out the door.  I could have run another .1!!!)
Month: 61.1

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