Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A day of fun

Both boys had to have their annual school physical yesterday morning, and it was a short day at rec..and T had to get shots, so I was pretty sure that I wasn't going to get a run in in the morning. I decided to not even think about it and to make a fun-filled day with the boys and with any luck I'd try to make it to the local running club's run. T perked up immediately after his shots when I told him I would let him pick any treat he wanted at Walgreen's (I usually put a lollipop or something in my purse for immunisations, but I forgot...i also usually give them Tylenol before we get there, and that didn't happen either. Poor kid! I ALSO always carry essential oils with me, and lavender on the site of injection helps a lot with bruising and pain, and I dropped the ball on that too.) While I picked up some children's Tylenol before our outing the boys picked out their favorite m&m's. They were 3 for $3 so of course I had to pick out some too. (So much for all the inspiring reading I've been doing in Scott Jureck's Eat and Run.) After that we headed for a surprise visit to Chuck E Cheese. Both boys had free token coupons (I love that they send birthday tokens AND half-birthday works out perfectly since their birthdays are 6 months apart) and I printed out some good deal coupons as well. It was nice, the entire place was empty and they had free run of the place. It totally made Thomas forget about his shots.

I also visited the Vitamin store...I was excited to find that they sell nuun...unfortunately, they only sell 3 flavors, two of which I already have had. I picked up a tube of fruit punch for something different, but I guess I will be placing an order soon. I really wanted to try something new with out having to commit to 4 tubes of something I might not like. Oh well.

We also finished back to school supply shopping at Target, and some grocery shopping and a visit to Barnes and Noble. A got a 'free cupcake' coupon for his birthday in my email last week, so we took advantage of that even though the boys were stuffed with pizza (I was stuffed with salad..3 trips to the salad bar, veggies and beans only! Had to make up for the almond m&m's) they talked me into loaning them money for purchases (free cupcake my ass!). A left with 3 Captain Underpants books. I love that he wanted books, I'm not loving that he got a kindle touch for his birthday and actually has 35$ to spend on amazon books, but used the other birthday money on actual books at the store...but again, it was on books so I guess I should not be annoyed. T, on the other hand, desperately wanted an angry bird stuffed animal. Sigh. Why do they sell toys at B&N? I really really really miss book stores that sell just books. On the plus side, I sat and read a couple Elephant and Piggie books (Mo Willems, if you are not familiar with them they are so stinking cute!) and he actually pointed at some words he recognized. We didn't buy any, since we can take them out of the library....and he really wanted an angry bird. They both paid me back when we got home, so at least I didn't forget like I normally do. (we went to giving them an allowance to help them manage money, so they buy their own wants now, but that only works when they bring their money...and if they bring it, they will always find something to spend it on. So hard to teach respect of money!)

A also had horseback riding lessons last night, so when that was done I came home, started dinner and changed for running club. I was out the door and made it in time to the start line. I was happy to see several friends there I haven't seen since school got out in June. I finished under 30 minutes again, and could have probably finished faster, but there was a girl who was working so hard to make it to the end, and I made the decision to finish at the pace I was on and not kick in another gear (who knew I had gears?! They didn't exist a month ago!). I really didn't want to pass her on the last road, I would have been pissed to be working that hard and get caught at the end.

At the end I also found that the friends I saw are running the marathon of the half I am doing in September. Fun that I will know more people there than just my friend from High School! Plus we can all suffer together at work the next morning. :)

Tuesday: 3.2

This week: 10.9 (argh! There's that .9 again!)

July total: 72.0 (whoo hooo! A nice even number!)

I've never kept track of my mileage before. This is a nice surprise to find that I'm running a lot more than I thought I was . I would have guessed I was doing about 15 miles a week, so about 60 a month. nice!

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