Saturday, August 4, 2012

A backwards recap of the past few days' workouts! I've been so busy/tired that I keep putting off posting, and now I realize if I wait much longer I will forget what I did and when. Good thing I've got a training plan to follow: it's helping to jog my memory. that and my runkeeper app (thank goodness!)

So today the forecast says 99-100 degrees. I HAD to get a workout in today, considering the few days before this one, so I had not choice but to get up early on a Saturday and get it done before it started to heat up. The husband golfs around 7, so I had my alarm set for 5:30. Not super early (it usually goes off around 4:30 so I can be up when the husband leave for work) but not too late either. Despite a cat, a dog and a child all waking me up in the middle of the night (wants to go out, wants to eat hours before it's time, had a nightmare and climbed in bed with me, respectively) I still got up with only one snooze punch. Usually for an early morning run I still coffee up and eat, but this morning I took a page from someone (eeks! I will check my blogroll and tell you who!) and chugged some water, threw a Thieves in my mouth (not at the recommendation of anyone, but my throat was a little scratchy and there's nothing like mouth breathing to make it worse!) and headed out the door.

It was rough going for sure, but better than the last run I took so I was OK with walking a bit. Also, even though it was really early, it was already close to 75 and humid out, and if I have learned anything this summer is that it's okay to dial it back a bit when it's hot and humid. The effort is still there.

Today: 3.6

Friday (yesterday): Rest day. I spent the day with my kiddos at a water park as a chaperon for the summer rec program. Technically I did not work out, but climbing those super high stairs and climbing all over the hills in the park (it's in the Adirondacks, so big elevation changes even within the park) that's got to count for something. Especially when 45lb T is too tired to walk and I have to carry him. Across the scorching blacktop. Barefoot. Endurance training for sure!

Yesterday: 0.0

Thursday: Was supposed to be a 35 minute tempo run. I was super sore from Wednesday's workout, so while I started out with good intentions, it turned into a plain old 3.5 mile run to the end of the road and back. I had no get up and go. My pod cast were not doing it for me...and I got really down on myself every time I stopped to walk, since it seemed to directly coincide with my 'coaching' from runkeeper that would tell me I was doing 11 minute miles, then 11:40 minute miles, then 12 minute miles, then 13...then 14. You get the picture. I finally gave up, turned the volume down and enjoyed my walk breaks and scenery. There's always another day for speed work. And since I haven't incorporated more than the occasional fartlek in my work outs since high school (and unintentional at that...usually there's a dog involved, or boredom and I decide to kick it up for a telephone pole or two) I figure getting mileage in is better than throwing in the towel completely.

Thursday: 3.5

Wednesday I hit the yoga studio again, knowing it was my only chance to get yogified this week since I was planning to go to the water park on my rest day Friday with the kiddos. it was such an easy work out, we didn't even stand up at all in the entire class, unless you count the 5 downward facing dogs we did. I was so relaxed and stretched out I even had a little panic at the very end of meditation when I was convinced that everyone had already got up and left while I was floating away somewhere. I left thinking I needed to go for a run too, since it was such a gentle work out and so relaxing, but then I headed down to summer rec to give T some Tylenol for his fever from the immunizations the day before and he said he really just wanted to come home and rest, so running was out. Oh well. Well, let me tell you...that was the most deceiving workout at the yoga studio yet. I was so sore in my arms, especially my triceps and my stomach (my obliques! screaming!) the next day that it was all I could do to force myself to wiggle into my sports bra and out the door to run (jog...walk...whatever) That hammies were happy with me (for once) we did lots of gentle forward folds while seated and they were just what the doctor ordered I think!

Wednesday 0.0 but a secret killer workout!

This week's total: 18 even (yeay! I didn't even plan that!)

August total: 7.1

Also, I've gotten my email from Run With Jess for the Virtual Games, so I'm going to start on that for tomorrow morning (well, I've already started since I logged a little mileage for the marathon portion)

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