Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to Life, Back to Reality (Sort of)

 Okay, so it's not REALLY back to I still have one blessed week of summer vacation left....but after spending a few days TRULY on vacation, where I didn't need to cook anything, clean anything or fight with my kids about was such a nice break.  I spent 3 days with my best friends in the entire world, catching up on our lives, and enjoying each others' company feeling like we haven't had months and months (and years in some cases) apart.  I miss them so much, but it's awesome have friendships that just kind of pick up where they left off a million years ago as soon as the miles are bridged.

I returned home on Thursday, and true to my suspicions, I didn't do any running.  I did scope out a couple possibilities while we were there, one of which included running laps like a crazy woman around the playground while my kids played, but it didn't happen.  I didn't want to sacrifice a single second of time with my friends.  So I let it go, and it felt good!  Thursday evening I didn't do anything either, but Friday morning I hit the treadmill for 3.5 miles.  I had Jillian Michael's pod cast on and I covered the display.  I had a rough go making it that long on the treadmill...I need some advice on how to spend more time on there, but after 40 minutes (man, I was going slooow) I threw in the towel.

Saturday morning we took the boys to the State Fair.  Bridget Mendler was singing, and A loves her on Good Luck Charlie.  Since the concert was free, we went and had a great time, even though it was scorching hot.  We wandered around for a bit afterwards. and the husband ate (and I sampled) alligator, kangaroo and an awful burger made with a glazed donut for the bun (it was tasty, but I felt my arteries clogging with just one bite!).  We will probably go back one more time, since we didn't see everything we wanted to and word has it there's a monster truck show the boys will love.  I walked a ton, and figure that counts as some kind of cross training, right?

This morning I hit the road for my planned 9 miler, and it wasn't too bad.  There were a couple hills I forgot about that I just ended up walking (they were long and super steep.  I'm not sorry I walked at all).  I also panicked somewhere around mile 6 because I saw a dog poised to chase.  I was on a new road for me and I like to know ahead of time where the dogs may come out so I'm prepared.  I walked and tried not to make eye contact....boy did I feel stupid when I got closer and realized it was just a lawn chair!


 Tell me that looks like a white dog to you too?? 

 I DO wish I had eaten better yesterday (sausage sandwich for lunch and then after the samples I had fried fish dinner..uch.  I know better than that, but I did it anyway) because I fought all kinds of tummy issues on the run.  (Successfully though, as I didn't have to stop in the bushes, but it was partially because I couldn't as I forgot my emergency tissues!)  All in all though, I had a lovely long, slow run, averaging a 12 mile an hour pace.  I'm super tired and haven't felt like doing much all day, but I did it, and it's in the books and it's right on track for where I need to be for this half marathon.  Yeay!

Last week:  6.7
This week: 9.2
August: 60 even (oooh...I love when that happens!)


  1. Good luck on your marathon. I don't do running, but I like to walk. lol Found you from blog hop on Lisa Hanson blog!

  2. Congrats on the 9 miler! SO funny about the 'dog'! I understand though, that's why I hate running in neighborhoods, too many barking dogs, and you just never know!!