Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Make My Monday Link Up (actually it's Tuesday, but whatever!)

I don't have any followers yet, I'm so new! (But I would love to have some so I am not just talking to myself.  Athough I'm pretty good at that.  I will definitely keep blogging about my training for my first half marathon, but it's been so motivating to look back and relive my runs that I will definitely keep blogging after it's over.  Actually, I've been contemplating taking swimming lessons and giving a tri a try.  Although I have to buy a bike first.  I have been longingly looking at people out training on bicycles lately, much in the same way I wish I were running whenever I see someone out for a run (even if I've already gotten my work out in!)  I've never felt the desire to bicycle train, but my dad used to race bicycles when I was a kid, so it was probably bound to happen.  So many people I know have become "Iron Girls" lately that it makes me think I might want to too.  But I don't SWIM!  I have mad treading water skills.  I can do a mean side stroke.  I can sort of free style with my head out of the water...the only stroke I really enjoyed when I took swim lessons was the breast stroke.  But I don't swim in a straight line.  So...after this half marathon, it's possible, maybe I will take some adult swim lessons.  Anyway, the blog is bound to continue!

Here's the link up to the other blogs :)  Hope this is how I'm supposed to do it!

Nope, that didn't work. If anyonee wants to help me figure it out, it would be much appreciated!!  Try this:

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