Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rest week?

I have quite a lot on my training plan for the week.  Errr....I think I do...I accidentally left it tacked up to the side of my refrigerator when I left for the beautiful (chilly!?!) Adirondacks yesterday morning.  After the 10K on Friday night (of which I have found my husband actually BRAGGED about me to his mom--she's an amazing runner and has never ever ever finished behind me--and to people at the golf course!  Awesome, since he hardly ever expresses anything about my running to me) I knew I would take Saturday off.  I counted Friday's run as both a tempo and a hill work out.  Necessary, since it was definitely both!  I didn't mean to take Sunday off too, but I had visions of the house I wanted to come home to after leaving for vacation...and I always bring a bunch of cooked dishes to just heat up so we don't eat out or impose on my friends' parents.  I spent the day making meatballs, mac and cheese and getting cucumbers ready to pickle (if I didn't they would go bad while I was gone) and planning out what the husband would eat while we were gone (he reverts back to bachelor days and gets take out every night if I don't leave him food.  Seriously, the man KNOWS how to cook, but just doesn't) 

Before I knew it, it was time for Sunday dinner at my in-law's house.  I made a ton of mac and cheese so we took that over with us, as well as swiss chard done up as Utica greens so THAT wouldn't get wasted while I was out of town.  Fabulous dinner and not a run in sight. 

I spent Monday morning cleaning, packing and making those pickles (what a lot of work for just three jars of pickles...but what else was I going to do with them?!) and packing some more.  Oh.  And yelling at the kids for messing up the clean house and their clean rooms.  I needed to get them out of the house before they destroyed anything else!  The car was ready to be loaded when one of the cats (I WISH I knew which one...I would have thrown him if I could find him.  Well, not really.  But I would like to imagine throwing the right cat) puked on A's bed AND on the living room floor.  I cleaned it up the best I could, took a deep breath and told the boys mama had to go for a run or she would be a mess the entire drive to the Adirondacks.  I hooked them up to video games (don't judge) and went to the basement for a treadmill workout.  I did a little over 3 miles, and towards the end I just had to vary it a little bit...it was soooo boring.  So not looking forward to winter training.  :(

I pumped up the speed for one minute intervals, then back down to 5.5.  Then when I felt recovered pumped it up to 8, then back down, then 9 then down then 10.  I held 10 for 30 seconds and I was both terrified and exhilarated.  I had visions of being thrown off the back of the treadmill and smashing into the wall behind me and no one finding me because the boys are always afraid to speak up while playing video games for fear of me realizing I am STILL letting them play and then I tell them to turn them off.  I sometimes hear them shushing each other, knowing that I will realize I have let them play far too long!  The intervals helped pass the last 10 minutes of the run (yes, it took me a while to recover in between!) and I felt SO much better.  I realized I didn't need to have the house perfect when I left, it was good enough. I threw clean sheets on the bed, took a quick shower and went out the door. 

Unfortunately I was in such a hurry I forgot to pack pajamas.  Or my compression socks (I'm addicted  sleeping in them).  Oh well.  I will have to buy a cute pair of souvenir pajamas while up here!  It sure was cold in just a tshirt last night!  BFF #2 arrives today with her cute little 3 month old, and then tomorrow BFF #4 will be coming out with her son.  It's the first time all four of us girls have been together in the same place since my wedding 9 years ago!  So excited! 

So if the rest of my training this week flops...well...I just don't care!!!  I am so happy to be with my ladies again!

I might do some planks or wall sits or something so I don't feel totally guilty! 

Monday:  3.2
Week: 3.2
August: 47.3  (ooooh.....those miles could use some help this week though....is this what addiction feels like?)

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