Monday, August 13, 2012

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I did it!  I ran more than 10 miles yesterday.  I planned on it (sort of.  I WANTED to do it, but wasn't sure I could, so I planned my route in a way that would give me a couple chances to head home early.)  My training plan called for 8 miles...but last week my long run was over 8 miles, and I know that I could have done the 9 from this week, but 9.3 is the longest I've ever run, the Boilermaker.  I had my best recovery this year from the race.  I was back out and running the same week, which was a first since I ran my first one three years ago.  I have been scared though that that was it.  That was as far as I could go.  I knew once I broke ten miles in a training run, it would seem so much more likely that I could actually make it to 13.1, and the weather was relatively cool and humidity was low-ish (not low like I hope it will be on race day, but I could breathe), so I set my RunKeeper to a 5 minute warm up, five 2 mile segments and a cool down.  I did pretty much the same out and back I usually do, but tacked on an out and back side road I usually just turn around at, I ran the whole road (well, I did walk on of the hills.  Funny how big they are when you are running and I never notice them when driving it!).  I have RunKeeper turned to announce my time, but not my mileage, as I found that kind of makes me feel tired to think about how much I've already done, or to think about how far I have to go.  Boilermaker time has always been around 1:45, so I figured I would be running at least 2 hours, so I checked the display as I got closer to the time, and to my surprise, when I finally checked I was more than a mile away from home but had less than a mile to run!  I ran all the way to the driveway and hit stop.  Final total:  10.3  Awesome!  I really, honestly feel like I can do the half now.  This morning I feel fine...a little stiff in my knees and hips, but no head aches yesterday and I even went grocery shopping and to dinner at my in laws house.  I did sleep in my compression socks last night, and I think it helped with those lower leg/calf cramps I get sometimes after a long run once I'm sleeping, since I don't think I woke up at all last night.  I'm so relieved!

I also recorded the distance as my final marathon run on Run With Jess's track meet.  It was so much fun to do something I knew other runners were doing during the Olympics, and also it added variety to my work outs, and in Friday's case, got me on the treadmill because I thought I needed the mileage (after yesterday though, I didn't).  I won't be increasing my long run this week.  I'm running a 10K this Friday night.  I've heard it's pretty hilly, and I'm sure it will not be cool weather, but I'm excited to see if I can break an hour. 

Sunday: 10.3
Week: 10.3
August 32.3 (look at that total shoot up!)


  1. Congrats Jess! I'm one of the people that think a half marathon is actually quite far. I took up running last summer and ran my first 5 km last fall. I then did the P90X over the winter and spring (let's just say it took longer than 90 days!) and just started running again. My aerobic fitness tanked while I did that exercise program. Anyways, good luck in your training. I'd love to follow along with you. Are you on Twitter? Or is there an option to subscribe by email?

    I'm visiting from Mother Daughter Book Reviews. I'm so happy you stopped by! Have a wonderful week, Cheers!