Thursday, August 16, 2012

Winding down the summer...anxious about fitting in training

Yesterday was the last day T will go to summer rec.  It ends this week, and we have golf camp again this morning.  Tomorrow A will have his final day of Horse Camp, and T and I will be heading to a mom and child yoga class. After this week, I'm not sure how I will fit in my training these final weeks of summer, not to mention once I head back to work.  I am grateful to my friend for choosing this fall half marathon, as I am not sure how I could do this any other time of the year.  I am pretty sure that most of the rest of my short training runs will be on the treadmill.

Yesterday I went to morning yoga for the last time this summer (unless I find a sitter....darn those girls!  Why do they get old enough for real jobs so fast?!).  I also had to get my car inspected, so by the time I got home I was starving.  Unfortunately, while I was waiting for my car, I realized that today (Thursday) I should definitely rest before my 10K on Friday night.  Especially considering that my Monday rest day consisted of yoga and zumba.  I got home and ate lunch (probably an entire eggplant... I couldn't help myself!) and somehow zoned out on TLC programming, which turned into E! programming (Sex and the City!  Can't change the channel!)  Around 2:00 I realized I had entered a time warp and I only had an hour before the end of A's horse camp.  I was still full from lunch, and I had all kinds of house work to do, but I just decided it was then or never, so I threw on a running skirt, changed my shirt, added shoes and headed out the door. 

Ugh.  The road crews oiled and stoned the road I run on.  (So that's what that awful noise was while I was watching Carrie reunite with Aidan!)  It was super smelly and I kept kicking little stones into my shoes...and then a car would zoom by, not giving me any space and spray me with teeny tiny rocks.  I turned down the side road about half a mile in to get away from the oil and stone combo.  It's a dead end, so I don't usually go that way, and I'm not sure how long it is, but I went to the end, turned around and, after checking my watch, realized I had few more minutes to run so I kept going down the smelly stone road, turned around at about my usual mile mark and ran home.  I am super glad I went, which is how I knew I would feel once I was out there.  I didn't take my phone with me, so I don't know the mileage.  I am assuming it was around 2.5, but will check shortly.  Today's plan is to not run, and then take it easy, while wearing compression socks all day tomorrow before the 10K.  My shin, from my ankle to almost my knee were not happy with me yesterday, and I blame my running to the car to get the kids to their events on time in my flip flops.  I slept in my compression socks again and I feel all better today.  I really wish I had just spent a couple hundred dollars and gotten a pair in every color so I could just wear them all the time.  (I wish I had a couple hundred dollars.  It's August.  I'm a teacher.  Nuff said.)

Wish me luck on the 10K that people keep saying "that's a challenging course" when I say that's the race I picked for this month.  I'm trying to not think too hard about it.  argh!

Wednesday: 2.5
Week: 15.9
August: 37.9

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