Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fun on the Track! No, really!

I headed to yoga yesterday morning.  It may be the last day I make it, because A went to summer recreation for the last day this summer.  He and T have Junior Golf camp today, and next week for two days as well) and then A will also be doing 3 days of Horse camp at the stable he rides at once a week.  I have mixed feelings about that, mostly from the cost, but he really wanted to do it, and horses are the one thing that he has participated in and not wanted to quit.  He's been riding for a year, and I think the interaction with the horses as the confidence he's getting from doing something none of his friends are doing have done wonders for him.  My father says I need to find some activities for the boys that aren't 'rich kid' activities.  That cracks me up!  A is definitely more of an individual me.  I never really liked team sports (My mom likes to remind me of playing youth soccer and singing under my breath 'don't kick the ball to me, don't kick the ball to meeee').  I did play softball for many years, but I wasn't very good and I quit playing when I got to late middle school and most of the girls I played with tried out for the school team, thus leaving community softball behind.  I was too terrified to try out and be cut from the team, so I didn't play anymore.  I didn't really miss it.

ANYWAY, I have to get A to Horse camp around the same time summer rec starts, so I'm hoping that I can still get T to go to rec right after that, and if I'm lucky with traffic I will still be able to make it to yoga...there's a little hope there, because T is definitely my more social child.  He's gone to rec a couple of times even when A didn't, but I don't know if I will be able to really get him there or not.  Just in case, I'm trying to get my idea of what I'm doing next week to be flexible so I'm not disappointed if I don't get to go. 

After yoga yesterday I headed to a local track that's always open.  Most of the schools are using the tracks for summer sports or pre-season conditioning.  Although I could still go and run (I should, because I really really like the track at the high school in the district where I's what we called a 'bubble gum' track in high school.  Nice and bouncy)  I just don't want to run while the track is filled with kids.  Anyway, I was pleased to find the track I had selected free of people.  I started with a mile warm up then started in on my virtual track meet (courtesy of Run With Jess).  I did the 100m (wow, that was a lot more fun that I thought it would be, I felt like I was flying!  I wasn't, obviously, but I ran it in 19.9 seconds...which is a hellova lot faster than my 'fast' 10 minute mile pace I try to keep during a 5K)  I jogged the rest of the lap after I walked to catch my breath so I could count the distance as mileage (part of the meet is to complete a marathon, and we can double up the mileage for that part) then decided to give the 400 a try.  The 400 used to be my event.  I ran track for 3 years in high school, (I was working my senior year, I had to save some money for college, and I had had a disappointing year the year before and I have a history of quitting something I feel I'm not good at.  I've been working on this my whole life!)  I had an awesome year my sophomore year (probably because I was cross training-not on purpose, but my family had gotten into karate, so I was at the karate studio evenings a week the whole year before track started.  I was super strong, flexible and felt amazing) and earned my varsity letter in the first few meets.  Unless my memory is faulty, I believe my best 400 time was 61 seconds.  That could be wrong.  I have an awful head for numbers.  If that's not plausible, then just let me say that I placed in every meet that year, and they were mostly first places.  That I DO remember.  The 400 is the only event I ran, and the 4x400.  Once in a while I would fill in in the 800 or a longer race if we didn't have enough girls running it.  Anyway, I should have saved the 400 for last, since the time was soooo much longer than in high school, and it kind of bummed me out a little bit to think about what my body used to be able to do, even though logically, I would be slower now anyway, since that was almost 20 years ago!  (wow.)

I ran the 200 after that, then the 800, then the mile.  All in all, I was pleased with my ability to go do it.  It was more fun than running the repeats I had been doing on my road.  And now that I know the track is open all the time, I can go and bring my kids with me, give them a soccer ball or something and run while they hang out in the infield, or they can run with me. 

So, Wednesday: 3.5
This week: 11.8
August: 18.9

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