Tuesday, August 14, 2012

(Not So Much of a) Rest Day

Yesterday was supposed to be my rest day, after running over 10 miles on Sunday.  I couldn't resist going to yoga in the morning though, since both kidlets are in their final week of summer drop-em-off-and-run activities.  A only pretended to not want to stay at horse lessons, and T, although a little apprehensive about going to rec with out his big brother, elected to stay since it was his second to last chance to go swimming at the YMCA this summer.  I hopped in the car and took off only to be held up by construction.  No matter, I made it to the yoga studio before the doors were shut, only to realize that my husband had helpfully taken my yoga mat out of the car.  Good thing they have extras at the studio...I just had to think not too hard about other people sweating on them and hoping they used the mat wipes when they were finished like I do!

It was a relaxing, but challenging work out.  This instructor really likes to do all kinds of staff pose variations, most of them inverted...which really works my lower tummy (yeay! and Boo! at the same time!) and my hip flexors.  My hips could stand to be stretched out always, but especially after my long run.  I left slightly more limber than when I came in and ready to face the day of chores at home...after I made a stop to shop for school clothes (why not?).  I left Marshall's with 2 tshirts, a running tank and two drapey sweaters for my super chilly classroom.  Not quite the kids school shopping I went in for, but whatever.  I deserve back to school clothes too (not that the first 3 items will be seen in my classroom...oops)

I invited my neighbor to Monday night zumba when I realized my next chance to make it to that class wouldn't be until the last week this month, and likely by then I will be too busy (my Tuesday night Spanish class starts, and I know (hope!) I will start thinking about getting school stuff done so I'm ready to go after Labor day).  If I drop a work out it can't be a running one yet!  It seemed a little reckless when I invited her, and I was relieved when she declined (obviously my invite was another occasion of me running my mouth...or fingers as I was texting her on facebook messenger.  Same difference) but the more I thought about it the more I wanted to go.  I started to cook dinner right after I picked up the kids, so the husband would have little to grumble about when I told him I wanted to go (besides when I had to ask him for $5 to pay for the class.  I am generally cash-less).  I went, had a great time, sweated about 5 lbs off and then went home only to realize aforementioned limber hips were not pleased with my stint in the car or my stunts at zumba. 

When I headed to bed I made sure to drink plenty of water, take my fish oils (my chiropractor got me to start taking them to combat my creaky neck and knees...and I definitely feel the difference when I forget to take them) and put my super-sexy compression socks on.  I'm in decent shape this morning for the kids' golf camp.  I'm hoping to make the 5K tonight with the run club since next week I will not be here and then my Tuesday night Spanish class starts, so this is the last time I will be able to make it.  I totally should have found a sitter last week.  Oh well.

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