Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hope I'm wrong...

I ran with the club for the last time this summer/fall last night.  I had a great run, and I really hope I'm wrong in my suspicions that the 5K course is a tad short of 5K because I had my best time ever last night!  I ran it in 26:48!  My best 5K time previous to that was last October's local homecoming 5K at just under 29 minutes.  I hope hope hope that the course is mapped correctly, and that all this training is paying off.  I mean, it IS paying off, since I am confident I will be able to handle the half marathon that's in a month, but I am happy to see gains in other distances as well.  I did do things a little differently last night.  Mainly, I didn't carry water with me this week.  I also didn't stop for water this week.  I made sure to hydrate before I went (I typically have forgotten the past few times, to make sure I used my nuun hours before heading to the run.)  Also, I started the run with a girl I know has been faster than me, and did my best to hang right with her, right ahead of her or right behind her the whole time.  I wasn't able to talk during the run's second half, I was sucking wind pretty hard, but it wasn't awful.  The humidity was right up there though (it started to rain about 10 minutes after I got home) and I was still able to hang in.  I think (if the course truly is correct) that I have increased confidence from my 10 miler this weekend, and all my humid training runs, and also, I'm starting to believe that I can push myself harder each time I go out.  I didn't die at the end, I didn't even heave.  I still feel amazing this morning!  I am thinking about running the same route by myself, using my runkeeper (disappointed now, that I didn't use it last night) to measure the course, but it won't happen today.  I'm heading to yoga this morning after dropping the kids at their various activities, then to get my car inspected.  If I have time after that, I may run this afternoon before picking up the boys.  I probably should, since I should rest tomorrow.  I signed up for a 10K on Friday night (phew!  I had difficulties picking a race for this month, with my focus being on the (possibly two) half marathons next month.  This 10K though, I've heard is a challenging course.  10K is not my favorite distance I don't think, but I've only raced it once, and ran it once with the running club.  I probably haven't given it enough of a chance yet, and this is a race I can make it to (Husband is going to meet me at the race on his way home from work, where he will assuming kidlet duties and I will run, then we are going to walk around the field days and eat and such before heading home) which, with this being golf season is tough to do since the husband is always gone! 

Tuesday: 3.1 (oh, I hope I hope!)
This week:  13.4
August: 35.4

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